Apprentices are not allowed here - you must leave. No, this is the Treasury and it is where we store artifacts and other important items. No, most of the items are not valuable in any sense most people would appreciate. In fact, they're mostly just old like me. Humph. Very well, I will allow you but a glance through the door - that is all. After all, I was an apprentice once myself, you know. Yes - a very long time ago. Now, you may not enter and you certainly may not touch. Here - be quick about it and then be off with you. Tell no one of this or you'll certainly wish the Hammerites had gotten a hold of you.

This is a cover I designed for the AlphaPak 6-CD Multi-Disc Case. The original cardboard cases that Thief 1, Thief Gold, and Thief 2 came in apparently aren't designed for long-term use, so it became necessary to relocate the CDs to a new case. The AlphaPak is a fairly sturdy plastic case, and the company is well-known in the CD and DVD industry for quality products. Since I had 6 CDs (three from Thief Gold and three from Thief 2), the 6-CD case was perfect.

UPDATE: I've since updated the cover for the AlphaPak SLIM 3,4,5,6 case. This case is the same size as the Thief 3 case but it holds up to 6 CDs. Also, the new cover includes a blurb on the back for "T2X: Shadows of the Metal Age" in case you include it with your Thief collection like I do. Click here for a preview and here to download it. You can still get the original above.

Just what you always wanted, right?

Okay, well, maybe not. This may not be the best Thief wallpaper out there, but if you like the design of this site, you can have it on your computer's desktop.

The wallpaper is currently only available at 1024x768 resolution, but if you need a different one, just let me know.

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