Welcome, apprentice, to the Courtyard. Here we will train you in the art of stealth and teach you the skills you will need as a Keeper. Not only will you learn here how to use the equipment you are given in the Armory, but also of the obstacles and threats you may face in the field -- obstacles and threats which can easily spell doom for the unwary or inexperienced. When you leave here, you should be well-prepared for the City and whatever challenges it presents to you.

Since each learns according to his or her own abilities, we will allow you to choose the order and pace in which you study. We offer several areas of interest here in the Courtyard, all of which are presented before you. To begin, please select an area. When you are ready, return here to begin a new area of study. If you have any questions, please come to me and ask them.

The Art of Stealth: Here we will teach you the ways of stealth - how to move without being seen, how to pass without sound, and how to mask any evidence of your presence.

Basic Movement Skills are essential to a Keeper. Here we will address the physical demands of our lifestyle and train your body in their use.

Archery Skills are needed if you are to use the various arrows in your arsenal. Every Keeper should be proficient with a bow, but some choose to master the skill and become expert marksmen.

The Basics of Combat are essential to your survival, and you would do well to learn them quickly. 'Tis far better to have such skills and not need them, then to suddenly need them and be found lacking.

Knowing one's Enemies and their weaknesses is as important as knowing oneself. Here we will address the creatures and persons that might threaten a Keeper.

The City is a large place, and can be quite intimidating at first. Here we will address the objects - both beneficial and hazardous - that you will encounter within its walls.

When you are finished here, young one, you will be nearly ready to take the trials of brotherhood and become a full Keeper. You have only to enter the Library next and prove your knowledge of our world. Perhaps then you will even be ready to visit the outside world and experience life as a Keeper for yourself. For now, however, I wish you well in your studies, apprentice.

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