Yes, apprentice - can I help you? Since you are in the Library, I assume you are here to learn of our world. Perhaps a particular faction? Mayhaps even the history of our own order? Come now, youngster, say something -- don't just stand there gawking.

Well, I certainly can't help you if you won't speak. I suggest you begin here, however, with the basic knowledge we expect all apprentices to learn. Read through the books stacked here, and then see me if you'd like to learn more.


An Overview of the Hammerite Order

A History of the Mechanists and their Downfall

An Overview of the Pagans

An Exposition on the Old Keeper Order and the Age of Darkness

An Exposition on the New Keeper Order


A Review of the City: Its History, Inhabitants, and Politics

The Precursors and the Fall of Karath-Din

A Compendium of Significant Individuals and Terminology

The Life of Garrett

A Summary of Elemental Crystals and their Properties


The Journals of Morgan

Olgivy's Treatise on Sentients

A Study on the Hand Mages

The Kurshok and the Great Fall

Keeper Annals, New Edition

I'm afraid our library is currently ill-stocked. Work continues as we rebuild from the glyph disaster, but it may take generations to restore the library to its former majesty. What - you don't know of the glyphs? Bah - I can't believe this. How do you expect to pass the trials when you don't even know our own history? I suggest you read about the Old Keeper Order and what happened to us. Then perhaps you'll understand.

If you have any other questions, please ask one of my staff. I've no more time for such silliness.

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