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Greetings, apprentice. Come to see our little rogue's gallery, have you? Yes. Well, after all - why not? It's important to know about those that might harm you, and there are certainly enough individuals in the City who would wish to harm us. The ones who don't know about us see as a threat, and the ones that do know of our existence - well, sometimes I think they almost see us as trophies. At any rate, best you'd learn their weaknesses before they find yours.

Carrion Divers

Classification: Animal

Location(s): varies

Variations: None

Known Weaknesses: fire arrows


A common annoyance in the City, carrion divers are small insects which can be found near rot or decay. This typically includes graveyards, abandoned buildings, or anywhere rotten food is located. Once a food source is located, the divers typically mass above it in a swarm, circling their prey and biting incessantly.


It is possible to disperse a swarm of carrion divers using explosive force - a fire arrow or mine, most notably. However, it is far easier to simply avoid the swarm. Divers are not known to leave the swarm and attack individually. Perhaps their instincts tell them that a dead and stable food source is far better than a live, defensive one.

Threat Assessment:

Carrion Divers can be found in many locations throughout the City, and are definitely capable of causing harm to a Keeper. However, since it is usually only a matter of moving to avoid a swarm of the insects, any such harm is generally the result of incompetence on the part of the Keeper. Our threat assessment for carrion divers is very low.

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