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Greetings, apprentice. Come to see our little rogue's gallery, have you? Yes. Well, after all - why not? It's important to know about those that might harm you, and there are certainly enough individuals in the City who would wish to harm us. The ones who don't know about us see as a threat, and the ones that do know of our existence - well, sometimes I think they almost see us as trophies. At any rate, best you'd learn their weaknesses before they find yours.


Classification: Undead

Location(s): varies

Variations: none

Known Weaknesses: sword, dagger, holy water, flash bombs, fire


One of the three primary categories of Undead, the Haunt is very similar to a Zombie in that both are apparently a physical body without soul or life of any kind. The Haunt, however, represents the extremity of religious fervor, guarding their Hammerite brethren without waver. It is said that such creatures are the result when the grave of a Hammerite is dessecrated by the sinful.

Like apparitions, the subject of Haunts is a somewhat delicate subject with our Hammerite allies. Haunts are apparently the zombified remains of slain Hammerite soldiers. Most Haunts date back to an era when the art of sword-smithing was highly regarded by the Order of the Hammer, and many Hammerite soldiers - both famous and unknown - were buried not with hammers, but with swords often fashioned by their own hand. As Haunts, these now undead soldiers still carry the blades of their time, and wield such with uncanny speed and accuracy. Those of a later time carry the more familiar hammers but wield them with the same unerring proficiency.

A Haunt appears much as a Hammerite of the living would - clothed in red garments and the livery of the Hammerite Order. Decay and the ravages of time are not always apparent at first glance. Upon a second glance, however, even at a distance there is no disguising the tattered and stained uniform, the unsteady shuffling of the feet, or the skinless haunted shadows of the face. For, indeed, Haunts possess no skin as a zombie would, but instead possess only bleached bones and soulless empty sockets where their eyes should be.

Few can withstand the withering gaze of a Haunt, but they are not immortal as their appearance would suggest. Rather, they are susceptible to the same methods and tactics as any other undead - a topic we will discuss later. As for their location, Haunts can generally be found anywhere the undead congregate - graveyards, mausoleums, ruins. Haunts in particular can usually be found in any tomb or temple that harbors the dead of the Hammerite Order.


Haunts are vulnerable to the same weapons and tactics as any other Undead. They can be destroyed with holy water, flash bombs, or fire. Haunts, however, are an exception in that they can also be slain by the blade. If a Haunt is caught unaware and stabbed from behind, it is possible to kill them in a single blow.

Threat Assessment:

Haunts, like all Undead, are a constant threat when tombs and ruins must be ventured into. Before venturing into any such location, it is recommended that one reads The Journals of Morgan - an excellent manual for fighting the Undead. Like the others of their kind, Haunts are assigned a threat assessment of medium.

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