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Greetings, apprentice. Come to see our little rogue's gallery, have you? Yes. Well, after all - why not? It's important to know about those that might harm you, and there are certainly enough individuals in the City who would wish to harm us. The ones who don't know about us see as a threat, and the ones that do know of our existence - well, sometimes I think they almost see us as trophies. At any rate, best you'd learn their weaknesses before they find yours.

Servants of Karras

Classification: Human

Location(s): varies

Variations: none

Known Weaknesses: sword, dagger, blackjack, arrows, mines, gas


The unfortunate souls now known as the Servants of Karras once appeared as normal humans. Many were vagabonds or asylum patients "donated" to the Mechanist cause by Sheriff Gorman Truart. Little did Truart realize, however, Karras' true intentions for the Servants.

In a procedure called the Servant Process, these individuals were fitted with masks of Karras' own design - masks which, like the other designs of Karras, resembled artifacts left behind by the Precursors of Karath-Din. These masks disguised the fact that the person behind it was no longer a person, but an automaton. For the Servants had no will - they lived only to serve and follow the orders of Karras. Each Servant had rudimentary commands, much like one of the Builder's Children. They could cook, clean, sew, and even garden - the perfect gift, or so it would seem.

Many of the Servants were given to the City's wealthy and affluent, supposedly as a reward for support of the Mechanists. Karras, however, had far more dire intentions. Each Servant was equipped with the ability to dispense the Necrotic Mutox, or rust gas, from within their mask - instantly attacking any organic material nearby and leaving only a pile of rust-colored dust. With a Servant in most major households, Karras would have been able to kill the vast majority of plant and animal life within the City with but a single stroke. Of course, this plan never came to fruition thanks to the intervention of Garrett. But I digress.

Servants were easily distinguishable from others in that they were garbed in bright blue with gold accents. In addition, of course, each wore the golden mask for which they are well known. Many could be heard whispering and mumbling to themselves - possibly a side effect of the Servant Process. Upon detecting an intruder, a Servant was commanded to flee and alert the nearest guard, Mechanist, or Child rather than engage the enemy themselves.


Despite their irregularities and origins, the Servants are human beneath the mask. This means that they are susceptible to the same weapons and tactics as any other human. They can be slain with the blade or arrow, knocked unconcious with the blackjack or gas, and killed by fire or explosive force. Less noisy methods are preferred, of course.

Threat Assessment:

The Servants of Karras are no longer a threat to the City. In the final hours of the Metal Age, Karras initiated the Necrotic Mutox release not knowing that Garrett had summoned all Servants to SoulForge. Along with Karras himself, all Servants perished in the moments afterward. Even during the time of the Mechanists, however, Servants were only considered a medium threat.

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