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Greetings, apprentice. Come to see our little rogue's gallery, have you? Yes. Well, after all - why not? It's important to know about those that might harm you, and there are certainly enough individuals in the City who would wish to harm us. The ones who don't know about us see as a threat, and the ones that do know of our existence - well, sometimes I think they almost see us as trophies. At any rate, best you'd learn their weaknesses before they find yours.


Classification: Human

Location(s): varies

Variations: numerous

Known Weaknesses: sword, dagger, blackjack, arrows, mines, gas


We Keepers are not the only ones to dwell in the shadow. The City has its fair share of criminals - toughs, thieves, and thugs - those who thrive off the darker side of the City. Such would normally be of no consequence to us but on occasion we find ourselves facing one another. In such instances conflict is sometimes necessary.

In many cases thugs will avoid open conflict for fear of attracting attention to themselves. If caught while perpetrating a crime, however, or if agitated by other influences, thugs will often become aggressive and violent. Most thieves and toughs can be found wearing dark clothing and perhaps a hood. Others will appear clothed no different than anyone else. All, however, will carry weapons and know how to use them.


Thugs are susceptible to the same weapons and tactics as any other human. They can be slain with blade or arrow, knocked out with a blackjack, or killed with explosive force. Of course, the latter tactic is quite noisy and may alert others to your presence. And, of course, thugs seldom work or travel alone.

Threat Assessment:

Thugs are usually numerous, aggressive, and violent. They will often attack anything which they perceive as a threat. And, whether carrying blade or arrow, thugs are able to deliver damage quickly and efficiently. They are thereby given a high threat rating.

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