original list compiled by Larris the Magpie as 'The Keeper's Log'

Abner, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Adan: Worker under Iendros. Died during the building of the Barricades.

Adolpho: Thief of some infamy. Vanished seeking the Mystic’s Soul. Possibly former associate of Felix.

Aeric, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Age of Darkness: Period foretold by Keeper prophecies in which the Keeper Order would find itself going through a period of great change before finally being destroyed by the Brethren and the Betrayer - an individual within the Order itself. Time preceding the Unwritten Times in which the Keepers had no foretelling of events to come.

Alarus: Family of merchants, burial grounds located in the Bonehoard.

Albrech: Early Keeper who devised the Final Glyph and its use.

Alchemy: Science of substances and their properties, divine as well as mundane. No direct connection with sorcery, although the two sciences can easily coexist and benefit from each other.

Andrus, Keeper: Involved with the sealing of the Cathedral fifty years ago. Correspondent of Lukas.

Angelwatch: Official residence of the Mechanists during their time. Billed as "the castle of the future" by Karras, the building sported six stories and could be seen from all districts. Later torn down by the City Council following the disbanding of the Order.

Ape-beasts: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster, vaguely resembling intelligent humanoid monkeys.

Apparitions: Form of undead which typically appear as spectral versions of their former selves.

Arlek: Artist of some reknown. Died three centuries ago.

Artifacts: Five objects of unknown origin and power. Also called Sentients. see Eye, Heart, Crown, Chalice, and Jacknall's Paw.

Auldale: District of the City. Noted for its wealthy inhabitants.

Auldale, Bradshaw Sir: Lesser nobleman knighted by the Baron during the Great Wars. War hero and Founder of the Auldale District.

Auldale Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter which lead to the Auldale District. Now located inside the Barricades.

Azrael the Cruel: Former member of the Hand Brotherhood expelled from the order for practicing necromancy. Apparently committed suicide while attempting to achieve immortality. Also known as the Necromancer.

Bafford, Lord: Lesser nobleman. Lives in a proportionately small manor outside of the upper class districts. Runs several gambling houses. Symbol: ‘B’ in an ornamented circular field. Fond of luxury. Friend of Lord Janco. Has contacts outside of The City.

Barak: A man of some wealth, possibly a noble. Former owner of an abandoned estate now bought by Constantine.

Baron: (The Baron) Unnamed noble, ruler of The City. Unmarried. Not too popular with the Order of the Hammer, as he is generally looked upon as being greedy. Has been away from the City waging war on Blackbrook for nearly ten years now. His line has been in charge for at least three generations, and his grandfather is still legendary.

Barricades, The: Series of large walls built to quarantine the affected portions of the Old Quarter after the Cataclysm.

Barton: Worker under Iendros. Died during the building of the Barricades.

Basso: AKA the Boxman. Fire-boy. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison at one time. Has a sister looked favorably upon by Garrett.

Bay, The: Large body of salt water located between two peninsulas south of the City. Primary source of shipping to City.

Bear pits: Entertainment featuring fighting bears in combat harness.

Beniir: Precursor. Citizen of the city in the last days of Karath-din. Possibly a city official.

biddleybong: A "potent and invigorating" brandy. Bottled in Centauri Vineyards, this cognac is known by few and tasted by even fewer, thus making it rare in the extreme.

Blackbrook Underguild: Organization of Dorcas Goodfellow. Trading contraband.

Blackbrook: Citystate at war with The City.

Blood-Kings: Kurshok term used to describe the line of Gruliac and his descendants. Line included Gruliac, Grustam, and Grenderic. When Grenderic died without an heir, the line of Lesser-Kings began.

Blood Opal, The: famed jewel which consisted of a large black opal littered with veins of red jade. Typically owned by leader of the Randall family. Possessed by Lord Ember Randall prior to his death. Current location unknown.

Bohn: Citystate at war with Cyric. Source of antiquities.

Bonehoard: Cemetery grounds and maze-like catacomb complex for the higher layers of society in The City. Reputed to be haunted. Entrances located throughout City. Primary entrance located in South Quarter.

Book of the Hammer: Hammerite canonical book.

Book of the Stone: Hammerite canonical book.

Brennan: Former servant of Ramirez. Killed by command of Ramirez for embezzling funds.

Brethren and the Betrayer: A person foretold by Keeper prophecies who would destroy the Keeper Order from within during the Age of Darkness. Originally believed to be first Garrett, then Gamall, the prophecy was finally interpreted to indicate all Keepers and the idea that the Order had betrayed the principles on which it was founded.

Bright, Willoby: Cutpurse. Operating from Stonemarket.

Brynveran, Lord: Nobleman convicted of concealing income from the Baron. Harshly punished.

Bug-beasts: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster vaguely resembling large, humanoid insects.

Builder: Deity of law, construction, industry, vigilance, and civilization. Worshiped by the Order of the Hammer. Opposing the Trickster.

Builder's Chalice, The: See Chalice, The.

Builder's Children, The: Mechanical constructs created by the Mechanists and used for patrol or guard duties. Came in several variations. Were later believed by Karras to be the sole inheritors of the Builder's Paradise.

Builder's Paradise, The: A prophesied "golden age" that would come about when the Builder returned to dwell among men. Basis for the plot by Karras to destroy the inhabitants of the City.

Burricks: Large burrowing reptiles found underground. Famous for excavating enourmous tunnels. Though not particularly aggressive, they are omnivorous and highly territorial creatures. They also seem to be fond of meat. Threats are neutralized by erupting a caustic gas at the intruder. Thought to support their diet with glowing mushrooms.

Caduca: Considered by many to be one of the greatest Interpreters in the history of the Keeper Order despite the fact that she was born blind.

Camrick, Tol: See Tol Camrick & Sons

Carpenter, Brother: Name of Hammerite worker in Cragscleft Prison.

Cataclysm, The: Disaster of nearly sixty years ago wherein a significant portion of the Old Quarter was overrun by undead and sealed off by order of the Baron.

Cathedral Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades. Location of barbershop.

Cathedral, Hammer: Once the main center of activity for the Order of the Hammer, it was deserted and sealed off after events of the Cataclysm. Now inside the Barricades.

Cather: Thief, associate of Felix.

Cavador: noted archaeologist and historian at Wieldstrom Museum. Former Mechanist who lead their studies of Karath-Din.

Cedric: Lord Bafford's Captain of houseguards, possibly chamberlain. Has been said to be lax in his duties regarding securing the mansion properly.

Census Bureau: City Officials. In charge of updating official records.

Cetus Amicus: name of underwater vessel constructed by the Mechanists and the project of its construction. Originally berthed in base located under Markham's Isle but has disappeared since the fall of the Order. Current whereabouts are unknown.

Chalice, The: One of the fiveArtifacts. A simple chalice composed of an unknown material resembling either glazed pottery or metal. Revered by the Hammerite Order, who believe the chalice to be a focal point of the Builder's power.

Cherok: Precursor. Citizen of the city in the last days of Karath-din. Naza’s employer.

Chisel, Builder’s: Legendary tool of the Builder. The most holy artifact of the Order of the Hammer. Kept with the High Priest. A Builder’s Hammer is also supposed to exist, but has been long lost.

Cinder Lady, The: Lady of the Cinders. see the Gray Lady.

City Council, The: group of nobles and business owners who administer the City. Technically answerable to the Baron but generally enjoy full authority during his absence. Responsible for maintaining the practical affairs of the City, including management of both the Department of Public Works and the City Watch.

City Tribune: Newspaper of The City.

City Wardens: Group of crime lords in The City. Have divided the city into one district each, or Wards. Run among other things stables of loyal thieves, who they protect and help for a cut of the profits and their allegiance. Most crime in the City involves the Wardens at some point. Typically use fear and intimidation to achieve ends and assure cooperation.

City Watch, The: police force of The City. Answerable to the City Council. During the administration of Sheriff Gorman Truart, formed a brief alliance with the Mechanists.

Clive: Noble who was known to enjoy archeology as a hobby. Discovered the Heart during an expedition and soon became obsessed with it. Died approximately six months later from unknown causes. Friend of Lord Ember Randall.

Colosseum: Arena and training place for fighters and gladiators of Karath-din. Ordered built by Emperor Va-Taraq for the enjoyment of his people.

Compendium of Natural Magic: A cyclopedia discussing magical beings, items, and effects as they occur in nature.

Compendium of Reproach: Ancient Keeper tome which contained glyph prophecies regarding the Age of Darkness.

Constantine: Nobleman who purchased large three-story mansion previously owned by Barak. Mansion was extensively renovated after his arrival. Known to have interests in natural magic. Later revealed himself to be the Trickster in human guise.

Cragscleft: An old mining complex carved out of a quarry. Mines are partially flooded and rumored to be haunted, but Hammerites still utilize renovated top levels as factory and Hammer supervised penitentiary.

Craymen: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster with pincer arms.

Crown, The: One of the fiveArtifacts. A jeweled crown of significant value. Worshipped by the Kurshok, who believe the crown to be an ancient gift to their people by the Trickster.

Crystals, elemental: Condensed forms of the four elements. Known types are Gas (Air), Water, Fire, and Moss (Earth). All are naturally occurring and can be found in their respective elements. Bohn is known to export. Crystals are commonly fitted onto arrows to achieve special effects.

Cultivator: ancient Precursor artifact which was used to process and distribute the Necrotic Mutox gas.

Cutty: Thiefs-pawn of Garrett and Felix, commissioner of several jobs and said to be a reliable fence. Known to have a fondness of drink and looseness of tongue.

Cyric: Citystate at war with Bohn. Source of antiquities, especially gold and enamel works.

Daegar: One of four Keepers who discovered the Glyph of Transmutation over six centruies ago. Devised plan to seal away the glyph lest others be tempted to use it. Killed by Gamall to hide the secret of the discovery.

Dale, Brother: Hammerite. The Order of the Hammer holds he died by his own fault.

Dark Project, The: attempt by the Trickster and his minions to return the world to darkness and chaos as it was before the rise of Karath-Din. Project involved the acquisition and use of the Eye. Culminated in the death of the Trickster at the hands of Garrett.

Dayport: District of The City.

de Perrin Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now behind the Barricades. A psychic and at least one thief once lived close to it.

de Perrin: Noble/merchant family. One half of the "Grimworth and de Perrin: Fine Antiquities and Precious Relics" firm. Owns a shop. Contact with Lord Bafford. Street in Old Quarter named after family.

Deirne: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison, accused of being a whore.

Dellin: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison, accused of being a ladytaker.

deNavan, Commissioner: Police officer. Paid by Ramirez to make the Baron’s policemen look away from Ramirez’s activities and shelter them from Hammer anti-crime roundups. His predecessor was dumped in the river by Ramirez’s tough-boys.

Department of Public Works: City Officials. In charge of sewers, power, and light, collected in special Public Works stations.

Deven, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Dikket: 'Heretic.' Former inmate of Cragscleft Prison, now associate of Garrett.

Diocen: Interpreter of the Keeper Order prior to Caduca. Prophecied that the thief Garrett would be instrumental to the survival of the Keeper Order in the days after her death.

Dobtail, Master Forger: Hammerite. Specializing in clockworks, cogs, and gears.

Docks: District of The City.

Dolin: Hammerite. Specializing in steam-powered devices.

Dominic: Tough-boy. Frequently hired by Lord Bafford.

Downtowne: Industrial/residential district east of the old city wall. Contains a Public Works station and the Hammer Temple.

Dranko: Thief, associate of Felix.

Dreckboun: Gambling house owned by Lord Bafford. Formerly warded by Ramirez. Ginny is comptroller at Dreckboun. Suffered a severe backlash after being infiltrated and cracked down by Hammer patrols.

Drept, Inspector: Hammerite Inspector and childhood friend of Lauryl. Maintains office in Auldale. As child, raised in the Shalebridge Cradle and witnessed apparent death of Lauryl. Obsessed with tales of the Old Gray Lady, later determined to be Gamall.

Drought: Lack of moisture or rain. Occurred twelve years back, and this year. The river is very low, plants have a hard time, and food is increasingly expensive.

Dyan: Pagan priestess who began leading the Order after the death of Viktoria.

Eastport: District of The City.

Edine: Family of nobles, burial grounds located in the Bonehoard.

Electroshock Therapy: Experimental medical procedure in which electricity is applied to a mentally ill person in hopes of stimulating normal behavior.

Elemental crystal: See Crystals, elemental.

Elemental Talismans: Ancient artifacts of the four elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Appear as stone tablets engraved with the sigil of their respective elements.

Elemental Wards: Ancient magical artifacts consisting of four angelic stone sculptures. Used by Keeper Andrus to seal the Cathedral in the Old Quarter.

Elementals: Pseudo-intelligent beings, pure embodiments of the four elements Earth, Air, Water, and Fire. Elementals are not "life" per se, rather high forms of magical consciousness. Highly aggressive. Capable of shooting projectiles of their respective native elements. Will not stray far from areas rich in their corresponding element. Can be summoned magically.

Esse: Mountain range, cavernous. Cold climate.

Eye: (The Eye) Fabled, ancient gemstone currently in possession of the Keepers. Most powerful of the five Artifacts. Used by Garrett to activate the Final Glyph.

Farkus: Merchant. Former owner of "Farkus Functionals," a hardware shop in Newmarket covering up for his enterprise of trading contraband to thieves. Willing to risk selling to individuals operating outside of the Wards. Killed during attempt on life of Garrett.

Felicia: Noble, possible love interest of the Baron.

Felix: Thief. Associate of Cutty, acquaintance of Garrett. Ambitious.

Fendon: Gambling house owned by Lord Bafford. Formerly warded by Ramirez.

Final Glyph: Legendary glyph which would "destroy" the Keeper Order once activated. In reality the Final Glyph was a failsafe reserved for the Age of Darkness and activated by the five Artifacts. Once activated by Garrett, the Final Glyph negated all glyphs and undid the magic surrounding them. This restored Gamall to her original form and cancelled any other magicks based on glyphs. The effect also caused all glyphs to disappear, which effectively erased most books and writings located in the Keeper Library, thus bringing about the Unwritten Times.

Fire crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

First Hammer: Hammerite ancient holy relic. Kept in the Hammer Temple reliquary. Original hammer was stolen and sold by Garrett but has since been returned to the Hammerites by unknown means.

First Keeper: title given leader of Keeper Order prior to the Age of Darkness. Formerly held by Orland.

Flowers, Tatyana’s: Plants drawing on magical energy of other sources for warming. Primarily found in the Esses. Named after Tatyana Yobobik.

Fogerty, Samuel: Goldsmith. Owner of a shop in the Auldale district.

Forge’s Child, the: First hammer ever cast from a mold. Holy relic kept in the Hammer Temple reliquary.

Friehalt, Julian: Commisioner of Taxes for the Baron.

Frogbeasts: Creature of the Trickster which appears similar in appearance to a normal frog but can explode upon contact with an enemy.

Frogs: Small amphibians typically found around areas of moisture. Not to be confused with Frogbeasts, a creature of the Trickster which appears similar in appearance but can explode upon contact with an enemy.

Fruit: A type of food which is grown on a plant. Some fruits are said to have special restorative properties.

Fuquan: Precursor. Keeper of the Keys, City Official in Karath-din.

Gamall: Former Keeper who disappeared during an expedition nearly six hundred years ago. Along with three others, discovered the Glyph of Transmutation and began using it to extend her own life while stealing the skins of others to assume their form. Assumed the form of a small girl named Lauryl and entered the Keeper Order anew as Translator Caduca's Interpreter. Later revealed her true form during the Age of Darkness and killed many Keepers before escaping. Believed to be the Brother and the Betrayer once revealed. Returned to her original form after activation of the Final Glyph by Garrett and incarcerated for questioning. Died of advanced age before questioning could commence.

Garrett: The One True Keeper. Former Keeper acolyte who left the Order to become a master thief. Extremely talented, was instrumental in defeating the Trickster during the Dark Project incident and also Karras during the Metal Age. Believed to be the Brother and the Betrayer during the Age of Darkness but later proved to be the salvation of the Keeper Order. Now leads the Keepers.

Gas crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

Gelland: Thief. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Gelt: A fee, cut off profits to Wardens and nobility.

Gerard, Brother: Hammerite. Lived fifty years ago.

Gervaisius, Bram: Noble who collects ancient or rare artifacts. Known to enjoy hunting outside of the City. Acquaintance of Sangar.

Ginny: Comptroller and cadge at Dreckboun.

Glyph of Transmutation: ancient glyph which enables one to steal the form of another. Originally discovered by a Keeper expedition but all save Gamall were killed to hide the discovery.

Glyph of Unbinding: ancient glyph which empowers its wielder with the ability to undo glyph magicks. Originally hidden away by Gamall but later discovered and used by Garrett during the Age of Darkness.

Glyphs: (Hieroglyphs) Secret Keeper marking runes. Used in books and for messaging between Keepers. Also used to magically seal or hide doorways and other secrets. May have other magical uses as well.

Gold: Common name for universal currency. More monetary units are in use, and in other metals, but gold is the standard exchange to which all others are compared and translated.

Goodfellow, Dorcas: Ambassador to The City from the Blackbrook Underguild. Trading dominates like medicinals and elemental crystals to Wardens like Ramirez.

Grand Library: Highest concentration of knowledge in The City. Viktoria was known to visit on occasion.

Grand Morden: Noble, owner of a mansion. Married.

Gray Lady: Legendary hag who feeds on children and the homeless. Later revealed to be Gamall. Also called the Cinder Lady.

Great Fall, The: Kurshok term used to describe the cataclysm which plunged their city deep below ground. Kurshok legend holds that the event was caused when Gruliac claimed he was mightier than the Trickster and refused to return The Crown.

Great Houses, The: Seven families within the nobility who are purportedly the oldest families in the City. Each can trace its lineage back to the foundings of the City but their histories are frequently mired by scandal or tragedy.

Great War, The: Event early within the City's history where it warred with other city-states for land and trading rights. Actually comprised of many battles and skirmishes over a twenty-year period.

Grenderic: son of Grustam and third Blood-King of the Kurshok. He was apparently killed by his friends while showing them The Crown during a birthday celebration. Last Blood-King of the Kurshok.

Greidus: High Priest of the Hammerite Order. Administrator of St. Edgar's facility. Known for strict policies in regards to discipline.

Grimalkin Tabby, The: Notorious statue in the shape of a feline. Sculpted from solid turquoise with emerald eyes and a gold collar. Legend holds that the statue brings ill fortune to any who purchase it.

Grimworth: One half of the "Grimworth and de Perrin: Fine Antiquities and Precious Relics" firm. Owns a shop. Contact with Lord Bafford.

Gruliac: Kurshok king who defied the Trickster countless centuries ago. A proud creature who brought about The Great Fall yet still considered by the Kurshok to be their greatest king.

Grustam: son of Gruliac and second Blood-King of the Kurshok. Legend holds that he was obsessed with finding a route to The Above World but was ultimately unsuccessful. Succeeded by his son Grenderic.

Guard, The: The protecting and escorting force of the Baron. Elite troops. Also used in warfare with other city-states.

Guild of Enlightenment: Institution in Karath-din devoted to research and science. Possible historical ties to the Hand Mages.

Hal: Guard employed by Lord Bafford.

Halls of Echoing Repose: Area in the Bonehoard containing octagonal vaults constructed to enhance acoustic resonance. Burial grounds for the highest ranking nobles and Hammerites.

Hammer Book of Tenets: Collection of doctrines, rules and laws set down by the Order of the Hammer. Hammerites enforce the Tenets among the entire population of The City, whether they are believers or not, often superseding the laws of the Baron and the nobility and the actions of police and city courts.

Hammer Cathedral: Cathedal, Hammer.

Hammer Temple: Temple, Hammer.

Hammerite Compendium of Precepts, Regimens and Rules of Conduct: At least 199 volumes of collected holy writings and ethics for the Order of the Hammer.

Hammerites: Members of the Order of the Hammer

Hammers: See the Order of the Hammer.

Hand Brotherhood: Official name of the Hand Mages and their organization. Sorcerors and alchemists, the Hand Mages study and practice elemental magic. Group is based out of Mage Tower complex located outside of City.

Hand Mages: Common term referring to the mages of the Hand Brotherhood.

Hand of Glory: Luckbringing hand-shaped item owned by Garrett. Lent to Issyt the Beggar.

Hanscomb, Doctor: Physician assigned to Shalebridge Cradle asylum. First name "William". Inventor of controversial Heat Remedy technique.

Haunts: A form of undead which appear as the dead bodies of Hammerite warriors.

Heart, The: One of the five Artifacts. Appears as a fist-sized red jewel. Has a history of corrupting previous owners, the last of which was Lord Warwick.

Heat Remedy: An experimental medical procedure in which a mentally ill person is exposed to various forms of dry heat.

High Priest: Hammerite official title. Highest ranking members of the Hammer clergy, the title is given priests who have obtained Master standing within the Order.

Hightowne: Residential district west of Newmarket. Upper class mostly, including mansion of former Warden Ramirez.

Hodge, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Horn of Quintus: Legendary, invaluable item once said to be buried in the Bonehoard. Rumored to have magical tranquilizing properties. Recovered by Garrett and now residing in Wieldstrom Museum.

Iendros: Chief of workers constructing the Barricades. Lived fifty years ago. In all likelihood hired by Lord Whitsimmon.

Inquisitor: Hammerite title. Master of Torture is more accurate.

Inquistor, Brother: Name-title of Hammerite interrogator/torturer in Cragscleft Prison.

Interpreter: member of the Keeper Order who reads glyphs and studies Keeper prophecies. Typically paired with a Translator.

Issyt: AKA the Beggar. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Jacknall's Paw: One of the five Artifacts. Appeared to be a mummified humanoid hand. Believed to have religious significance to the Pagans

Jacow: Jackablade formerly employed by Ramirez.

Janco, Lord: Noble. Correspondent and confidant of Lord Bafford.

Jaws: Guard employed by Lord Bafford.

Jimmy the Knife: Jackablade. Formerly employed by Raputo but now working independently in Auldale district.

Joby: Soldier. Son of one of Lord Bafford’s serving wenchs. Gone fighting at Blackbrook.

Jorek: Formerly a guard at Ramirez’s mansion or at least an aquaintance of one.

Journals of Morgan: Choice writings of Morgan concerning the Undead and how best to combat them. Declared anathema by the Smith-in-Exile.

Karath-din: A secret place now known only to the Keepers and a select few others, the city before The City was buried underground in a natural disaster several thousand years ago. Home of the Precursors, it was ruled by a bureaucracy under a line of divine emperors. Contains remnants of various advanced technology unknown to modern scientists.

Karras: Former Master Forger of the Hammerites who left that Order and formed the Mechanists. Attempted to kill all inhabitants of the City in a plot to bring about the Builder's Paradise. Killed when the Necrotic Mutox was released inside SoulForge Cathedral instead of outside as planned.

Karthman, Lionel: Leader of a lay architecture house. Commissioned with reconstructing and renovating Constantine's mansion.

Keeper’s Chapel: Deserted, now inside the Barricades. By the Keeper’s Grotto. Displayed a statue of a Keeper Sentinel.

Keeper’s Compound: The central base of operations for the Keeper Order. Located in the un-barricaded section of the Old Quarter. Abandoned after the events of the Age of Darkness and sealed off to the public.

Keeper’s Grotto: Local hideout of Keepers in the Old Quarter. A library existed here, as in all Keeper installations. Well protected, but now deserted.

Keeper Library, The: Massive library maintained by the Keeper Order. Located in original Keeper Compound in Old Quarter district of City. Majority of books and scrolls in library were written in glyphs but were left blank after activation of the Final Glyph.

Keeper Sentinel: A Keeper guardian of the balance.

Keeper Symbol: The mark of the Keeper Order. Typically depicted as a keyhole. Sometimes includes keys as well.

Keeper’s Temple: See Keeper’s Chapel.

Keepers: Secret organization devoted to uphold the balance between order and chaos. Emphasizes gathering of information and knowledge, and maintains extensive libraries. Order formerly maintained mandate of non-intervention but now actively upholds balance through alliances and information brokering. Led by Garrett.

Keybond, Brother: Name-title of Hammerite guard in Cragscleft Prison.

Keystone Tree: Tree species. Quite decorative.

Kindle: Hammerite novice. Lived fifty years ago.

Kurshok: Ancient race of amphibious creatures who dwell in a Sunken Citadel deep below the City.

Kutuluk: Ancient diety revered by the Precursors. Statues of the creature can be seen in Karath-Din.

Larkspur: Self-styled "general" of the Pagans. An aggressive individual who favors open war with the Hammerites.

Last of All Glyphs, The: See The Final Glyph.

Latton: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of being a falsetale.

Lauryl: Young girl abducted from Shalebridge Cradle orphanage and killed by Gamall, who then assumed the child's form in order to infiltrate the Keepers. Childhood friend of Inspector Drept.

Lesser-Kings: Kurshok term used to describe the line of kings following the death of Grenderic, the last Blood-King. The Lesser-Kings were not a single line, but rather various families which ascended the throne following the death of the previous king.

Lisalle: Patron of Dreckboun. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Lisse: Former servant at Ramirez’s mansion, correspondent of Mina.

Lobotomy: An invasive medical procedure wherein a section of the brain is removed. Believed to cure certain forms of mental illness.

Lost City: See Karath-din.

Lotus: Pagan agent who was captured and killed by the Mechanists while spying on their operations at Markham's Isle.

Lukas, Keeper: Correspondent of Andrus. Lived fifty years ago.

Mage Tower: Headquarters of the Hand Mages. Located outside the City, the Tower is actually a compound comprised of five towers - one for each element and a central one symbolizing unity. Term is also used sometimes in reference to the Necromancer's Spire in Dayport.

Magic: That which moves beyond. The term is used of energies found in nature, cases of divine inspiration, and of alchemy. Most often the first definition would be the most correct, whereas it becomes equivalent to 'sorcery'.

Mailu: Precursor. Correspondent of Naza’s. From a village in the countryside.

Manfool: Pagan term for "human" or "city-dweller".

Marad: Family of nobles, burial grounds in the Bonehoard. Connections to the Quintus family and the Hammerites.

Marcus: Thief, associate of Felix.

Markander: Hammerite. The current High Priest of the Order of the Hammer.

Market Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades. Had shops for butcher, baker, armorer, pub, greengrocer, Public Works, dairy.

Markham's Isle: An island located in the Bay. Named after legendary pirate captain who was rumored to have base on island. Location of lighthouse seen by ships from the Bay.

Martello, Brother: Hammerite. Died more than sixty years ago in the Cataclysm. Friend of Brother Murus.

Masks: Beautiful works of art by the Precursors and later cultures found around Cyric. Seemingly used in rituals, they are now esteemed valuables for collectors.

Mason, Brother: Hammerite. Scholar. Deceased.

Master Builder: See the Builder.

Master Forgers: High-ranking Hammerites under the High Priest. Whereas Priests study the doctrine and administration of the Order, Master Forgers concentrate on the practical and industrial side of the Order's teachings.

Maw of Chaos: The realm of the Trickster, according to legend. Possibly a "hub" of sorts for other realms and dimensions.

Mayar, Keeper: Third Keeper. Originator of the famous words "Balance is the essence of detachment."

Mechanists, The: Offshoot of the Order of the Hammer. Founded and lead by Karras. Emphasis on technology and innovation along with the destruction of anything natural. Sought immediate destruction of the Pagans and formed alliance with City Watch to that effect. Disbanded following the death of Karras.

Medallions: Possession of a Keeper's medallion marks a person as a Keeper. It is to be guarded at all costs, and all groups of Keepers moving together have one. Individual Keepers sometimes also carry smaller coins or rings marked with the Keeper Symbol.

Metal Age, The: term used to describe the three years between the formation of the Mechanists and the death of Karras. Period saw an exaggerated shift in the balance between order and chaos, technology and nature as the Mechanists sought the destruction of the Pagans as well as all plant and animal life throughout the City.

Mina: Correspondent of Lisse.

Misa: Commoner. Possibly from Shalebridge. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of vandalism.

Morgan: Accomplished hunter of undead, author of the Journals of Morgan. Known to have contacts with knights of various orders.

Mortimer the Mad: Sixth patriarch of the Randall family. Was considered extremely eccentric and died under mysterious circumstances.

Moss crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

Murus, Brother: Hammerite. Known to be sly, if somewhat absent-minded. Died more than sixty years ago during the Cataclysm. Friend of Brother Martello and Brother Renault.

Mushrooms, glowing: Light emitting (non-phosphorescent) fast-growing fungi found underground. Popular for brewing tea.

Mystic’s Heart: Fabled gemstone, sister stone to the Mystic’s Soul.

Mystic’s Soul: Fabled gemstone, sister stone to the Mystic’s Heart.

N’lahotep: Deity being worshipped in Karath-din. Had a temple, and accepted sacrifice.

Nammon: Jackablade. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Naza: Precursor. Servant with Cherok. From a village in the countryside. Correspondent of Mailu’s.

Necromancer, The: see Azrael the Cruel.

Necromancer's Spire: Large tower located in the Dayport district. Home to Azrael the Cruel.

Necromancy: a form of magic associated with the study of death and other spiritual matters.

Necrotic Mutox: Name given a flesh-eating gas by Karras. Once used by the Precursors for unknown purposes.

New Quarter: District of The City.

Newmarket: District outside and south of the old city wall.

Nobility: Feudal system of government in The City. Run by a Baron on top with several tiers of nobility below him. Divided into taxgelt districts of lesser nobles, one of which is held by Lord Bafford.

Nolman: Probably Hammerite. Correspondent of Terrence. Participating in the renovations of the Hammer Temple.

North Quarter: District of The City.

‘Notyets’ manuscript: Writings regarded as prophetic by some pagans. Only fragments of it still remain.

Novices, Hammer: The Order of the Hammer sends novice apprentices when they are skilled enough to the Hammer Temple to do service for three years, during which period they are not permitted to speak while on the Temple grounds, nor allowed to carry weapons unless on campaign. When the period is through, the Novice will be considered for the title of Brother.

Old Quarter: Area inside and north of the old city wall. A large section was walled in after being deserted nearly seventy years ago during the Cataclysm, in which the area was overrun with undead. It contains among other things the abandoned Hammer Cathedral and the old Keepers’ Temple. The Barricades, which describe the walls around the area, are featured in many strange tales.

Ogres: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster, vaguely resembling stupid two-headed giant humanoids.

Order of the Gear: Formal name of the Mechanists. Seldom used by any outside the Order.

Order of the Hammer: Religious order of craftsmen worshiping the Master Builder. Hierarchy of a High Priest residing over a plethora of subordinate ranks. Currently headed by High Priest Markander.

Order of the Vine: Obscure organization devoted to natural magic and anarchy. Commonly called Pagans, the group opposes the Order of the Hammer.

Overlord’s Fancy: Gambling house, possibly owned by Raputo.

Pagans: Society devoted to nature and chaos. Worships the Trickster deity and directly opposes the Order of the Hammer. Known to include both humans and beastmen.

Pettihue, Doctor: Physician assigned to Shalebridge Cradle asylum. Known proponent of Electroshock Therapy technique. Escaped Shalebridge Cradle fire and has gained some reknown in the years since for his work with mental patients.

Possum: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison accused of being a ladytaker.

Potsol: Commoner. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison for vandalism.

Power: Travelling through a grid of metal cables, power can run machines or provide light for specially built lamps. Power grids are maintained through maintenance cells and control boxes run by the Department of Public Works.

Prayer of Consecration: Prayer used by the Order of the Hammer at special funerals.

Prayer of the Wallbuilder: One of several Hammerite prayers.

Precursors: The now dead culture of the Lost City. Human but possessed of wondrous technology and magicks.

Quince: Jackablade once employed by Ramirez.

Quintus: Family of nobles, burial grounds in the Bonehoard. Connections to the Hammers and the Marad family. Original owners of jeweled horn which is said to possess magical qualities.

Rakel: Sorcerer. Author of Rakel’s Tome of Magic.

Rakel’s Tome of Magic: An authorative volume focusing on non-clerical magic. Advocates the use of naturally occuring magical sources.

Ramirez: Former Warden of areas Hightowne, South Quarter, and Downtowne. Lived in a large mansion in Hightowne and was known for his cruelty and sadistic methods. Symbol: Golden ‘R’ on a circular field. Known to enjoy coziness and luxury, especially exotic pleasures and women. Killed after accidentally falling into pit with pet burricks.

Randall Family, The: one of the seven Great Houses.

Randall, Elizabeth: Noble. Cousin of both Ember and Julian Randall who sought the family's wealth by marriage to one of the cousins. A sadistic and cruel woman with more than a passing knowledge in herbs and poisons. Possibly poisoned Ember before marrying Julian, who suffered an apparent heart attack during the honeymoon.

Randall, Ember: Noble. Cousin of Lady Elizabeth Randall who sought her hand in marriage. Feud between Ember and his cousin Julian Randall ended with Ember's death after the theft of the family's coveted Blood Opal. Possibly poisoned.

Randall, Julian: Noble. Cousin and onetime husband of Lady Elizabeth Randall who conspired to steal the family's coveted . Feud between Ember and his cousin Julian Randall ended with Ember's death after the theft of the family's coveted Blood Opal from his cousin Ember. Suffered apparent heart attack while on honeymoon with Elizabeth.

Ranker, Doctor: Physician assigned to Shalebridge Cradle asylum. Known proponent of Lobotomy technique. Escaped Shalebridge Cradle fire but has since lost medical license due to large number of "botched" procedures.

Raputo: Warden, areas North Quarter, Shalebridge, Newmarket (Ward 4), and New Quarter. Profiting from bloodsports, moneylending, and spywatching. Lives in Undermarket. Previous employer of Viktoria. Contact with Shemenovs.

Rat-beasts: Legendary nightmare beings of the Trickster, vaguely resembling intelligent humanoid rats.

Renault, Brother: Hammerite. Specializing in astrological observations, optics, and some alchemy. Friend of Brother Murus. Died more than sixty years ago during the Cataclysm.

Riley: Treasurer of Shalebridge Cradle asylum. Died during fire which closed facility. Apparently had illegitimate business dealings with Doctor Sandbridge.

Rothchild Family, The: one of the seven Great Houses.

RS: Initials of an unknown map maker.

Rubin Street: Name of a street in the Old Quarter, now inside the Barricades.

Ruitan, Master: Precursor. Scientist, possibly sorcerer. Member of the Guild of Enlightenment in Karath-din.

Ryen: Patron of Dreckboun. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Sachelman, Brother: Trainer of novices for the Order of the Hammer.

Sandbridge, Doctor: Physician assigned to Shalebridge Cradle asylum. Administrator of the medical staff. Died during fire that closed facility.

Sangar: Thief. Associate of Garrett.

Scepter, Bafford's: Three feet long jewelled weirwood, bound with copper and topped by a cloudstone gem. Delivered from Bohn by Grimworth and de Perrin.

Seige of 1181: period of warfare wherein the City was surrounded by the combined forces of Cyric and Bohn for three years. The City was inundated with plague and famine during the time and thousands perished.

Sennet: Cutthroat. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Sentients: see Artifacts. Term is derived from fact that at least three of the objects appear to be living entities with a will and desires of their own.

Sentinel: An automated security system developed by the Mechanists. Resembled a large head which could fire cannonballs at an enemy. Lacked intruder detection capabilities and was always paired with a Watcher or other trigger mechanism.

Serpentyle Torc: Collar of exquisite beauty. Formed as a tail-biting snake, with gemstone eyes. Very valuable. Missing for over sixty years. Rumored to be lost within the Old Quarter.

Servants of Karras: individuals who had undergone the Servant Process. Each Servant was outfitted with a mask which could, upon command from Karras, release a quantity of the flesh-eating Necrotic Mutox. Karras had planned to trigger the release and kill all life within the City but instead the gas was released within SoulForge Cathedral. Karras and all Servants were killed within minutes.

Servant Process: procedure developed by the Mechanists in which select individuals were fitted with masks and somehow "programmed" for domestic use, thus turning them into Servants of Karras. Most subjects were forced to undergo the process after being arrested by the City Watch and traded to Karras by Gorman Truart. The Servants all perished along with Karras at SoulForge Cathedral.

Sewers: Grid of underground drainage. Reputed to have become "unsafe" since the drought, and Hammers have been asked for assistance with the defect pumps.

Shalebridge: District of The City. Adjoins the inhabited section of the Old Quarter.

Shalebridge Cradle: Former orphanage and asylum located on the edge of the Shalebridge District. Abandoned over thirty years ago following a fire and the loss of nearly all lives inside. Rumored to be haunted.

Shanti, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Shemenovs: A noble and/or merchant house. Crafting and selling of steel weapons. Attire of guards: Black and silver. One of Raputo’s contacts.

Sheriff: title given the leader of the City Watch. Appointed by the City Council.

Smith-in-Exile: High Priest who left the Order of the Hammer following the Cataclysm. Away from the Order in self-imposed exile, he corresponded by letters which were later collected and canonized. Speculations abound that he may have been expelled from the Order for heresy, though whether this would have happened through his being more liberal or conservative than his peers is unknown.

Somersault: former Pagan recruited into the Keepers over six centuries ago. One of four Keepers who discovered the Glyph of Transmutation. Killed by Gamall to hide the secret of the discovery.

SoulForge Cathedral: Chief factory and base of operations for the Mechanist Order. Could be sealed airtight and was completely automated. Later purchased by Hammerites and now left abandoned as lesson to others.

South Quarter: District of The City, home to Garrett. Directly south of Newmarket.

Spiders, giant: Several species of monstrous and dangerous arachnids, mostly found in underground or sylvan areas.

St. Edgar's: Large Hammerite facility in Stonemarket. Houses temple and factory.

Stonemarket: Largest food market district in The City. Subject to frequent shortages because of the drought.

Sunken Citadel, The: Ancient ruins located deep beneath the City. Home to the Kurshok.

Sunnyfair: Gambling house and brothel owned by Lord Bafford. Warded by Ramirez prior to his death.

Sutter: Thief, associate of Felix.

Sword, Constantine’s: Magical weapon said to change hue with the light. Owned first by Constantine and later by Garrett.

Symbol, Holy: Item of the Hammer Temple, kept with the High priest.

Taffer: A rogue, thief, trickster. Expression most often used as a cuss-word and for name-calling, but also known to be adopted by thieves as a honorable distinction.

Talismans: See Elemental Talismans.

Tarquis: Dealer at Dreckboun. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison for goldlending.

Taxgelt: Percentage of income paid by nobility to their superiors on higher tiers. Tax inspectors now receive a bounty for the disclosure of concealed income and are vigilant in their duties.

Temple, Hammer: Place of worship for the Order of the Hammer. Located in Downtowne. Residence of the High Priest and current main site of Hammerite activities. Apparently built above an ancient worship site of the Pagans.

Temple-palace: Name of the abode of the Emperor of Karath-din. Extensive archives in the cellars.

Tenel: Hammerite. Canonized posthumously. Gave name to the observatory building at Cathedal cloister.

Tennor, Father: Hammerite. Pioneered the casting of hammers from molds. Canonized posthumously. Gave name to factory building at Cathedal cloister.

Terrence, Brother: Hammerite warrior. Correspondent of Nolman. Fell in battle.

Terrius: Noble. Thought to be penny-pinching. Contacts with the Order of the Hammer and Shemenovs.

Theol, Father: Hammerite. Respected teacher among the Order of the Hammer. Deceased.

Thermotech: Firm supplying thermometers to Hammer installations.

Thiefs-pawn: A fence.

Tol Camrick & Sons: Lay (non-Hammer ) constructors. Contractors for improvements at Ramirez’s mansion.

Tough-boy: Term signifying jackablade turned guard. Often employed by City Wardens.

Tower, Mage: See Mage Tower.

Translator: title given to the Interpreter's apprentice. Typically present during glyph readings and will then translate the words of the Interpreter into the common tongue for any who are listening.

Tribune: see The City Tribune.

Trickster: One of the old gods. Also called ‘Woodsie Lord,’ ‘Honey Maker,’ and ‘Leaf-man.’ Deity of chaos, nature, elements, dreams, and fear. Opposing the Builder.

Truart, Gorman: Sheriff of the City Watch during the events of the Metal Age. Formed brief alliance with Karras prior to dying at the hands of the Pagans.

Tule, Constable: City official fifty years ago. Nephew of the Baron of that time. In charge of keys to public buildings. Often seen at the pub.

Tybal: Alleged whorekeep. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Undermarket: District of The City.

Unwritten Times, The: Term in Keeper prophecies which describes the period after the Age of Darkness in which the Keepers no longer have the advantage of knowing what is to come. Brought about by activation of the Final Glyph, which negated all glyphs and undid the magic surrounding them. The effect also caused all glyphs to disappear, which effectively erased most books and writings located in the Keeper Library.

Vale: Hammerite. Canonized posthumously. Gave name to the library building at Cathedal cloister.

Vandolyn: One of four Keepers who discovered the Glyph of Transmutation over six centruies ago. Killed by Gamall to hide the secret of the discovery.

Va-Taraq: Precursor. "Son of the Sky, Brother of the Earth." Second-last Emperor of Karath-din. Father of Va-Toran. Said to be a good ruler and loved by his people.

Va-Toran: Precursor. "Son of the Sky." Last Emperor of Karath-din. Son of Va-Taraq. Said to be a greedy man.

Viktoria: Once known as independent fence operating in the north districts. Later revealed to be wood nymph and ally of the Trickster. Lead the Pagans following the death of the Trickster but was later killed by Builder's Children during an attack on SoulForge Cathedral.

Vilna: Former Mechanist priestess. Placed in charge of Angelwatch during Karras's absence.

Vrinde, Master: Researcher and former confidant of Ramirez. Fascinated by the lifestyles of the Wardens and has published several novels of fiction based on them.

Wainwright, Brother: Hammerite. Wheelmaker. Deceased.

Wall, The: slang term for the areas along the barricaded sections of the Old Quarter. Popular den of various sorts of criminals. Object of a crackdown supervised by the Baron, rumored to be prodded by Raputo, the Hammerites, or his own brethren.

Wallbuilder: Term used in a Hammerite Prayer of the Wallbuilder to designate the wish to leave something good of long lasting value.

Wards: Protection schemes run by powerful crime lords, aka City Wardens. E.g. Raputo is Warden of New Market (Boss of Ward 4). Also a method for the potent magical protection of something.

Wardens: Group of crime lords in The City. See City Wardens.

Warwick, Clive: Noble who was known to enjoy archeology as a hobby. Discovered the Heart during an expedition and soon became obsessed with it. Died approximately six months later from unknown causes. Friend of Lord Ember Randall.

Warwick, Eleanor: Wife of Lord Clive Warwick and childhood friend of Lady Elizabeth Randall. Attempted to seek healing for her husband after his health deteriorated upon finding the Heart.

Watcher: An automated security system developed by the Mechanists. Resembled a rotating head with alarm lights on one side. Sometimes paired with Sentinels.

Watchman’s Grave: Monument of City Watch officer. Thieves left coins on it for good luck. Now inside the Barricades.

Water crystal: A type of elemental crystal.

Water, holy: Water blessed by the grace of the Builder, most often created through vigorous sanctification by the Hammers. May also come from specially-prepared fonts.

Wayside: An area of ill repute in The City.

Webster: Warden, areas Docks, Eastport, and Dayport. Profiting from burglary, protection and anti-protection services, smuggling, and counterfeiting. Has strong foreign contacts.

Weirwood: Type of wood especially sought for its beautiful bluish taint. Quite valuable. Found around Bohn.

Weitan: Precursor. Secretary of Protocol, City Official in Karath-din.

Whitsimmon, Lord: Noble. Member of the City Council and in charge of the raising of the Barricades.

Wieldstrom Musem: largest museum in the City. Located in Auldale district.

Wills: 'Heretic.' Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Winter tunnels: Underground system of access between the buildings of the Hammer Cathedral cloister. Seemingly used in bad weather.

Woodsie Lord: See the Trickster.

Wrendal: Jackablade, once employed by Ramirez. Incarcerated in Cragscleft Prison.

Yannis, Keeper: Vanished on an expedition to map Karath-din.

Yobobik, Tatyana: Archemage. Experimenting in non-clerical magic.

Yora: Hammerite. Canonized posthumously. Skull kept as a holy relic in the Hammer Temple reliquary. Gave name to accomodations building at Cathedral cloister.

Zombies: Corpses, risen from the dead. Hate all life. Dangerous because of invulnerability to normal weapons.

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