The Order of the Vine - usually referred to as "Pagans" - is generally agreed to be the oldest organization in existence, although the term organization may not be appropriate. The Pagans are anarchists who worship the deity known as "The Trickster". Pagans emphasize a strong connection with nature and generally display disdain towards progress or technology. This has put them at direct odds with the Order of the Hammer, and the two groups have fought each other for untold centuries. Pagans can usually be found in the outskirts of the City or hidden within it, and are known to possess as members both humans and beastmen.

The Order of the Vine is an ancient society and began centuries before the time of the Precursors. Stories passed down by Pagan shamans state that their order began when humans first set foot on earth. In the dark ages, before mankind became civilized, it is known that humanity lived among the forests for shelter, clothed in animal skins and possessing only rudimentary tools made of wood or animal bone. It is in these days that the Pagans claim the Trickster walked among them and gave them the gift of fire.

According to Pagan legend, however, the gift of fire changed mankind. Early humans learned to fear the creatures of the forest and began to group together for safety. As these groups grew, those who dwelled in the forests became fewer. Eventually, as the groups became villages and villages became towns, those that still served the Trickster became the minority. Instead mankind began worshipping the Builder - the antithesis of the Trickster and the god of innovation and progress. At first the two groups maintained some small interaction, but as time progressed the rift between them grew.

Despite the progression and spreading of their civilized cousins, the Pagans remained much as they always were. Throughout the centuries they have witnessed the rise and fall of empires and societies yet have never chosen to join any civilized society. Even to this day, Pagans prefer the outskirts of civilization or to remain hidden altogether. Modern Pagans have embraced the use of fire, but only in regards to light and warmth. Even the Pagans of today refuse to learn the arts of metalcrafting or construction. Pagan encampments usually consist of basic huts and buildings or use the ruins of previously constructed areas.

It was believed for many centuries that the creatures and deities known as "The Old Gods" had passed into history centuries ago. About ten years ago, however, the City paid the penalty for its ignorance.

At that time a nobleman named Constantine arrived in the City and purchased the FOGELSTEIN mansion in Downtowne. The estate was one of the older castles in the City but had remained empty since the death of its lord two years before. Constantine paid for extensive renovations to the interior of the mansion but little was known of either the reclusive new lord or his renovations. He first came to the attention of we Keepers when it became obvious he had ties to the Order of the Vine. Furthermore, he was a known confidant and supplier of Viktoria - a woman known to be involved in the blackmarket distribution of herbs and spices. However, even we could not guess how strong of a tie Constantine had to the Order. It was only through the involvement of the One True Keeper that we learned the truth.

Through Viktoria, Constantine hired Garrett to break into his own mansion and secure a magic sword kept there. Garrett was successful, of course, and the job was revealed to be a test of his abilities. Constantine then promised rather large sums if Garrett were to secure an artifact - the Eye - from the old Hammerite Cathedral in the Old Quarter. Garrett was successful in this as well, although the task required the gathering of the four elemental seals placed on the Cathedral after the Cataclysm. It was when Garrett returned the Eye to Constantine that the truth was revealed.

The eccentric old man known as Constantine was in fact the Trickster himself disguised in human form. Using Garrett's own eye to power the artifact Eye, the Trickster and him minions then poured out of his mansion in downtowne and proceeded to lay siege to the Hammerite temple in the district. Artemus and two others freed Garrett, who immediately followed his attackers. There he allied with the Hammerites and was able to relieve them of their seige. In return, they fashioned a false Eye which Garrett was able to exchange for the real Eye. This entire chain of events is collectively known as The Dark Project. But what is the Project and why is it called thus? For the answers one must turn to documents found within the Trickster's own mansion and subterranean domain.

While escaping the caverns beneath Constantine's mansion, Garrett found several documents and journals which explained the Trickster's intent. In a plan he called The Dark Project, the Trickster planned to secure the Eye - the most powerful of the five Artifacts - and use it in a ritual which would return the world to darkness. The exact processes of this ritual are unknown, but many have speculated that the ritual would have merged our own world with the Maw of Chaos - that twisted realm where the Trickster and his ilk resided for millenia. This theory is lent credit by Garrett's own description of the ritual.

The Order of the Vine has no practical heirarchy of authority. Every adult member of the Order is given responsibility and authority over some aspect of the Pagan society. The only exceptions to this have been the leaders of the Order.

Prior to his death, the Order was lead by the Trickster himself. The wood nymph known to us as Viktoria acted as the Trickster's eyes and ears within the City in addition to his own Pagan agents. It is now known that she was also a friend and confidante to the Trickster, and some have suggested an even closer relationship between the two.

After the events of the Dark Project and the Trickster's subsequent death, Viktoria herself lead the Pagans and chose as her second a priestess named Dyan. Throughout the three years of the Metal Age, Viktoria trained Dyan and took her in as a friend and assistant. While preparing for open war with the Mechanists, a man named Larkspur was placed in charge of what can loosely be called the Pagan "military". This group of trained pagans were never loosed upon the enemy, however, due to the intervention of Garrett. Once allied with Viktoria and the Pagans, Garrett made possible a more subtle fight against the Mechanists. Despite his presence, however, Viktoria still ended up laying seige to SoulForge Cathedral - an act which cost her something very dear - her own life.

In the time since Viktoria's death, the Pagans have been lead by Dyan. She appears to be a compassionate sort and is usually willing to negotiate when it means sparing lives. Make no mistake, however, Dyan is a Pagan and will do whatever is necessary to ensure the continuation and survival of her people and their way of life.

The one who warrants more caution is Larkspur. Still in charge of the Pagan's military actions and considered the "general" of the Pagans, Larkspur is a rash and aggressive individual. Our agents in the Order of the Vine are few but have all reported that Larkspur often speaks of the day when he will lead the Pagans against their enemies in open warfare. Such would spell disaster for the City and it is well for us that Dyan is able to rein in such dangerous ideas.

For more information regarding specific individuals within the Order, see Appendix B.

The Pagans have very little interaction with the City. What little interaction occurs is usually on the blackmarket and is not known of by most inhabitants of the City.

Pagans do not contribute to the City economically but have been known to supply herbs and plants to those who seek them out. Pagans do not usually deal in coin but would prefer to barter such goods for others.

Pagans do not openly attempt to spread their religious teachings but would prefer that interested parties seek them out. Even then, the Order must be cautious of spies sent by the Hammerites and City Watch. Thus most of the City hear only rumors and innuendo regarding the religion of the Pagans.

For more information regarding the religion of the Pagans, please see Appendix C. There we have collected a few writings and prayers which have been secured over the years.

Unlike the Hammerite Order, Pagans have very little interest in the judicial affairs of the City. Within their own territories, crime is dealt with swiftly and intruders are typically killed upon sight. Any exceptions to this rule have been handled by Dyan or her predecessors in person.

Pagans are not typically warlike but have been at war with the Hammerites for centuries. Most Pagans are not trained in the arts of warfare but several - both men and women - have always been chosen to defend the territories against incursion. These men and women comprise the sole "military" of the Order and are led in modern times by the one called Larkspur.

Pagans do not wear armor or even an excess of clothing. Most Pagan men wear only what modesty necessitates, and most women wear only a simple dress. Some Pagans have been known to adorn themselves with skulls, bones, or animal hide, but such is more decoration than armament. Of course, the Order of the Vine also includes various beastmen and some of these possess a natural form of protection.

The simplistic lifestyle of the Pagans extends to their weaponry as well. Human Pagans can be seen carrying sword or bow. Non-humans, of course, rely on either these human-made weapons or the weapons provided by nature. After all, why carry a sword when fang and claw will suffice? Pagan shamans and priestesses, of course, carry wands like any other magic user.

Pagans are not tacticians and do not usually expend effort on such things. The typical Pagan tactic upon sighting an intruder is to overwhelm the intruder with numbers and weaponry. Most Pagans, both human and non-human, will typically charge an intruder and proceed to slash or crush.

For more information regarding Pagans as an enemy or obstacle, please see their profile within the Enemies area of the Courtyard.

The following section profiles the various Pagan territories that are known to us. Pagans are a cautious lot and tend to hide their territories even from those they call allies. As such, we know only of those territories which are public (such as the Audale park) or those which have been described by Garrett. Unlike Hammerite facilities, Pagan territories usually serve whatever need is required and are not dedicated to a specific purpose or function.

Location: Downtowne

Comments: The mansion once inhabited by Constantine is now under Keeper control and is used primarily for study. As part of our alliance with the Pagans, we now allow them limited access to the estate and the caverns beneath it. The mansion has been left in the same condition as when the Trickster departed it but has become somewhat dilapidated and ruined in the time since. The Pagans have asked that no restoration attempts be made and their visits to the mansion have been few and brief. On at least one occasion, several children were brought to the mansion - apparently as a history lesson.

Location: Forest outside City

Comments: The Pagans maintain several villages in the forests surrounding the City. During the Metal Age, the Mechanists destroyed at least one of these and Garrett was witness to the aftermath. Our agents report that the village has since been relocated to another area of the forest. If this village is indicative of the others, than they are comprised mainly of sod and straw huts nestled among the trees. The village shown was centered around an ancient shrine which was in reality a portal to the Maw of Chaos. Although the village has been relocated, the shrine itself is still under Pagan control.

Location: South Quarter

Comments: The caverns and sewers beneath South Quarter are a complex maze and can easily lose the uninitiated. One branch of the sewers leads to a Pagan Sanctuary nestled within a ruined section of South Quarter. This sanctuary is the primary base of operations for Pagans within the City and it is here that the persecuted often flee from the City Watch or the Hammerites. The complex is quite large and is nestled in one of the older areas on the outskirts of the district. Pagans have always enjoyed the irony of converting abandoned Hammerite facilities to their own use, and the Sanctuary is no exception.

Location: Auldale

Comments: The most public of the Pagan territories, the park in Auldale was claimed by the Order in the time of the Dark Ages. At least two attempts by the City Watch to evict the Pagans have been unsuccessful, and the City Council is now attempting negotiation with the Order for the return of the park. The Hammerites, of course, have volunteered to forcefully reclaim the area but the Council has so far avoided such open conflict.

Location: Docks

Comments: Another public Pagan territory is located in the Docks district. This territory can be seen from the Bay, but the City Watch has expressed little interest in evicting the Pagans. Possessed of only a decaying inn and a small plot of land, the area is apparently not worth the Council's effort. This area, however, is known to us to house not only an elemental portal but also a tree which is said to possess magical properties.

Location: Downtowne

Comments: This underground temple complex was built in ancient times, and may even be the oldest Pagan enclosure still intact within the City. Although no longer in the possession of the Pagans, the area is nonetheless a pagan territory. The Hammerite Temple in Downtowne was constructed on top of this temple, and the Hammerites did so purposefully so that they might study and then purify the area. This decision cost them many lives, however, when the Trickster and his minions laid siege to the Temple so that they might gain entrance to the Pagan complex beneath.

Pagans are inherently a cautious lot. In some respects they are a complete mystery to even us. This appendix, however, lists those Pagans who are known to us and have had a significant influence on past events.

The Trickster

The legendary Woodsie Lord, the Trickster appeared as a giant creature resembling the satyrs of legend - half man, half goat. After living in the City for over a year disguised as the human Constantine, the Trickster revealed himself after securing the Eye and then lead his minions through the City, eventually laying seige to the Hammerite Temple in Downtowne.

During the Dark Project incident - his attempt to merge the Maw of Chaos with our own reality - the Trickster was killed when Garrett exchanged an explosive Eye for the real one.


A wood nymph, the creature known as Viktoria was a shape-shifter who possessed control over plants. She was known in the City for some time as a woman who dealt with blackmarket herbs and magical supplies. It was only after the Trickster revealed himself that she also revealed her true nature - a being resembling a woman but made of wood and able to change her own form at will.

After the death of the Trickster, Viktoria lead the Pagans and eventually formed an alliance with Garrett despite their common past. After discovering the Plot of Karras, however, she personally attacked SoulForge Cathedral and was overwhelmed by the minions of Karras.


Very little is known about Dyan prior to the death of Viktoria. When Viktoria assumed leadership of the Pagans, she selected Dyan as her aide and second. It was known by all Pagans that Dyan would assume leadership if anything were to happen to the Wood Nymph. This happened, of course, after the end of the Metal Age although we are fairly certain Dyan hoped it had not. She and Viktoria were apparently quite close and Dyan was very grieved to hear of Viktoria's death.

As a leader, Dyan appears to be a fairly compassionate individual who would rather see an end to the lifetimes of war between her people and the Hammerites. However, Dyan is devoted to the Pagan beliefs and would place her own life in peril to defend them.


Larkspur was selected by the Trickster himself to train a select group of Pagans in the art of warfare. It was the responsibility of Larkspur to ensure that the followers of the Woodsie Lord would be able to defend themselves against their enemies - primarily the Order of the Hammer.

Larkspur is an aggressive and dangerous individual who favors open warfare with the Hammerites. Now second only to Dyan in the Pagan heirarchy, Larkspur is even more dangerous than before. The destruction of a Pagan village by the Mechanists still rankles the self-styled "general" and he is continually seeking ways to wreak vengeance upon the Hammers for this act.


The Pagans have always relied on a network of spies and agents to gather information. Unlike our own network, however, which is a combination of agents and allies, the Pagan spy network has always relied on members of its own society - a testament to their distrust of outsiders.

Lotus was one such agent who had been spying on the Mechanist facility on Markham's Isle during the Metal Age. He was eventually captured by the Mechanists and thrown into the refrigeration locker after refusing to divulge information regarding the Pagans. He was found there by Garrett and died soon after due to his injuries and severe frostbite.

The religion of the Pagans is primarily based on stories and legends passed down through the generations. Pagans do not maintain written records or accounts of past events, but have been known to write numerous prayers and other religious writings within the their encampments. Such writings are usually found on walls or animal hide - seldom do Pagans use paper or pen. What few writings we have discovered have been collected here.

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