Welcome, apprentice, to the Keepers' Compound.

Here you will be trained in the art of stealth and the ways of knowledge, for knowledge is the weight placed on the scales of balance -- a balance that must be maintained at all times. We must possess knowledge, for none others know its importance. Neither do they understand, which is why our role in history must be kept hidden.

Thus it is that the Keepers have remained ever vigilant throughout the centuries, gathering knowledge and remaining unseen. You, too, shall learn of these things, and shall one day assume your rightful place among our ranks.

Come now, though - enough of such things. Choose your destination below and let the journey begin...

The Armory is where you can find the tools of our trade. Knowing thyself and thy own capabilities is perhaps the most valued knowledge of all.

The Courtyard is where your training shall begin. Here we will teach you of the skills you will need and the obstacles you may face as a Keeper.

The Library is a storehouse of knowledge. There you can find information on the City and other locations you may find yourself in during your journeys.

The Livery is used to travel to other compounds. Be forewarned, however -- as an apprentice you must have the approval of a Council Member before leaving the compound.

The Treasury is not for you. Here is where we keep the artifacts of our Order. Until you pass the trials of brotherhood, I'm afraid such things must remain a mystery.

Regardless of your destination, know that you are welcome within these halls. Also know that you are fortunate. Never before has there been a more exciting time to be a Keeper. With the passing of the Old Order and the coming of the New, our mandate has become that much more important. Knowledge must be regained, so that the balance may be kept.

If at any time you have questions, feel free to ask the nearest Keeper.

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